About US

Kerry Mackey, CFI

My first flight was in the summer of 1984.  I was 13 and had saved up $25 from mowing lawns to purchase a ride in a Cessna 172 at Gladewater Municipal Airport in Gladewater, Texas during an airshow.  I was hooked.  However, family circumstances did not permit me to pursue aviation at the time.  Upon High School graduation I applied for the Air Force Academy thinking that may be my entry into aviation; however, I was honored with an Alternate Nominee, but not an appointment.

Upon college graduation, I decided to begin my aviation pursuit by earning my Private Pilots license while working and living in Magnolia, Arkansas.  And followed up my aviation pursuits by adding my Commercial Pilots License, Multi-Engine Rating, and Instrument Rating while being a full-time pastor in the DFW area from 2000-2005.

Being married, having a family of four boys and being a pastor in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, Southern California, and Southern Florida I took approximately 9 years off from flying.

Upon returning to the East Texas Area in 2012 I re-engaged my love of aviation in 2014 and completed my Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) certification in December 2018.

Aviation is my full time employment.  This is not something I am doing to supplement my retirement, nor something I do part-time.  And I am not building time to move on to the airlines.  The airlines have never been on my radar; however, I thoroughly enjoy helping others pursue their dream of becoming a pilot and providing pilot services, while enjoying the freedom of flight.

Let's go fly !!  You will love it !!!