Discovery Flights


What is a Discovery Flight

A Discovery Flight is a fun, local introductory instructional flight in which you, under my supervision, take control of the aircraft. You get to experience flight from the pilot's perspective. You may control the aircraft as little or as much as you like. Experience the thrill of leaving the bonds of earth and engaging flight! If you are just getting started in aviation, a discovery flight is a great place to start.

Base Package - $199.00

This  approximately 45 minute introductory instructional flight will take you in the local area and back for an assisted landing. This is the most economical way to determine whether or not flying is for you. 

Plus Package - $299.00

There is no specific route we take on this flight. This flight is approximately 1 ½ hours and is customized specifically by you! We can stop at a local airport in the local area to experience the ease of air travel. We can go over your house if it is within close proximity of the airport and you will be the one who takes us there. You may contact me for more details and specifics on this package.